7 Dimensions of Developing Beyond Zoom

In July 2020 we hosted an online learning event on this subject for colleagues from a wide variety of organisations, including Allianz, Deloitte, Howden, Jardine Matheson, Marks & Spencers, Morrisons, NatWest Group, UK Home Office, RELX and Ricoh.

Using a collaborative workspace designed for the purpose on Miro, we explored the possibilities that working virtually offers for really adaptive and generative development (in contrast to the more constrained content of training that is more commonly associated with online learning).

We shared perspectives on 7 Dimensions of Developing Beyond Zoom which we have used to push our own boundaries when designing virtual programmes. Why not use them to push the boundaries of some development you are working on? There are Prompt Questions included to help you do this.

You can access the Miro board here or a pdf reproduction here.

For more information or to discuss how to exploit more of the opportunities for virtual development in your organisation, contact Steve Phillips via steven@ideasunlimited.com.