High Performing

Leadership Development is Dead. Long Live Leadership.

“I have found Ideas Unlimited to be very talented at creating leadership development that is deeply thought provoking, personal and challenging for individuals, and which accelerates progress on organisational culture and performance.”  Group Head of Learning & Development, ATS Euromaster Michelin Group

If you want to develop leaders so that they can turnaround the business, get them to turnaround the business.  If you want to develop leaders so that they can bring the brand to life, get them to bring the brand to life. If you want to develop leaders so that they can deliver a change, get them to deliver a change. If you want a team to learn how to come together to achieve something great, get them to come together to

achieve something great.

“What sets Ideas Unlimited apart is their freshness of thinking, their passion for delivering a programme of the highest possible standard, their willingness to act as true partners, and their depth of expertise in profound leadership development.”

Director – Talent, Learning & Culture at PepsiCo

“Ideas Unlimited, you have made a profound and lasting difference to the way I think, feel and manage.  I have learned much that will have an impact on both my development and performance and also consequently the results of my team. I feel deeply privileged to have been developed in this way and a sense of responsibility to deliver performance as a result.”

ATS Euromaster Leadership Programme Participant

Who Are We?

We create innovative organisational & leadership development programmes.

Founded in 1998. We work internationally with the leaders of household name organisations. We delight in making a difference. We have great clients and they have intelligent customers. We’re thinkers. We like to use our brains, to think laterally, to challenge dogma, to do creative work. And we have big hearts. We create warmth and energy. We appreciate, encourage and connect. Our work means a lot to us. We mean a lot to each other. And we care about our clients – mostly this is requited.

We’re not pretending.

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