IU Workshop 14 July – Developing Beyond Zoom: a virtual development world of infinite possibility

Our instincts as people-centred developers can draw us to the limitations rather than to the possibilities when delivering development virtually.

Three years ago we had to get over these prejudices about virtual working, not because we were visionary but because our clients were demanding it. So we got over it. And then we got imaginative about it. As an unexpected consequence demand simply escalated through lockdown. People intuitively knew there must be more substantial approaches to get excited about – beyond zoom rooms, word clouds and online voting.

What we’d like to do in this workshop is share some liberating perspectives and reframe the online virtual world as not so much the two-dimensional place for delivery but the versatile aperture through which even greater relevance, connectivity, collaboration, insight and impact can be realised.

What we won’t be doing is sharing ten top tips for remote working or how to maintain attention during Zoom sessions or anything that is already well served.

What we will be doing together is:

  • Exploring the apparent conflicts between deep development and virtual working
  • Exploring the limitlessness of virtual working for deep development
  • Sharing examples of innovation and post-pandemic possibilities – when expediency gives way to imagination
  • Peer-to-peer learning to share and understand what we are each able to bring, about our experiences of development in a virtual format
  • Considering what next for our own individual work challenges and practices

Please register here and we will ensure you are sent the necessary links to participate.