Our Approach

Since then we have worked with many large household names, helping clients deliver authentic, inspiring leadership and change programmes that have transformed business performance and have had a measurable impact on their leaders, teams and employees.  What we do for our clients really does make a difference. And we can prove it.

We pride ourselves on having generated and retained our client base entirely on referral, trust and goodwill.  We have great clients who value us, and we value and respect them in return. We’re here for the journey, not just one stop on the route.

Ideas people all have established track records across a variety of disciplines, a commercial approach and considerable talent in our field. This means that we are able to provide highly tailored teams that deliver inspiring and measurably effective programmes. We are responsive, scalable and have the agility to change and move with you as you evolve.

Whilst our team is made up of unique individuals, there is one thing that unites us all. Uncommon Insight.

When we work with clients we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, engage and see what’s really needed. We don’t believe in fads and bandwagons – even so called ‘best practice’ should be approached with caution. Sometimes you really need to do the simple things and get them right. When you come to us, you are looking for a difference. Our ability to see instinctively what difference you need to make and understand what it will take to make that difference – that’s Uncommon Insight.

Our insight gives us the confidence to challenge the status quo, disrupt the norm and help you break old habits. What’s uncommon about it? It takes a mixture of experience, intellect, intuition and guts – those are hard things to find in one consultant and even harder to sustain as values in a consulting business. We’re proud to have sustained them so far, and never more so than when our clients tell us that we really do walk our talk.