What we and our clients have discovered – in practice – is that the online virtual world is not so much the two-dimensional place for delivery but the versatile aperture through which even greater relevance, connectivity, collaboration, insight and impact can be realised.

Although our instincts as people-centred developers can draw us to the limitations of working virtually, since 2015 client demand has caused us to get over our prejudices, get imaginative about it and tap into the world of possibilities that exist beyond Zoom rooms, word clouds and online voting.


We create lively and productive virtual workspaces to enable effective collaboration and visual thinking at a distance


We design deeply developmental virtual programmes and adapt existing development programmes for virtual delivery


We build on 20 years’ experience of large group/whole system interventions to produce unforgettable virtual events

Thank you for making Audit Academy 2020 so successful. We all went into this year’s event with a degree of trepidation. How could we replicate the great sense of positivity with all of us at home? You helped prove us wrong with the delivery of a dynamic and thoughtful event. Audit Academy has been reimagined!!”

Chief Audit Officer, Natwest Group

Fantastic experience. We achieved a lot in a short time.

Technology Director, International Banking, India

Here’s to a brand new world…. Thanks for a great session! Great thought provoking insights! Great use of technology!

Head of Derivative Risk Assessment, NatWest Group