Workshop 15 June – Galvanising leaders (not dancing frogs*)

Dominic Carter
Dominic Carter

You’ll be relieved to know that for this workshop we’re going with the figurative ‘excite leaders into action’ definition of ‘galvanise’ and don’t propose either applying an electric current to leaders or coating them in zinc.*


Whatever the issue of the day, whether it’s:

• becoming purpose-led in practice
• ownership and execution of a strategy
• bringing a new operating model to life
• resolving siloed working
• integrating merged or acquired businesses or
• adjusting to a hybrid workplace…

… clients have an enduring interest in us helping them to galvanise their leaders. Typically, senior executives want the level or two below them to “step-up and take more day-to-day responsibility for” the aforementioned stuff.

The frequency of the need to ‘get leaders leading’ makes it feel ripe for an exploration of the causes and the routes to resolution with peers in client companies. As many of you are starting to book in activity to regroup leadership populations and re-align around priorities, it’s a good time to share what we have learned about how to galvanise leadership.

You will leave this workshop with:

• A greater understanding of the systemic need to get leaders leading
• The multi-disciplinary factors that need to be addressed
• An underpinning model that draws from research in psychology, sociology, neurology and anthropology
• Ideas about what you can do where you are to galvanise the leadership action your organisation needs

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* 18th century Italian doctor, Luigi Galvani, gave his name not only to the process of coating iron with zinc but also to the idea (galvanism) that electricity can be used to stimulate or restart life. He discovered (by accident) that frogs’ legs twitched as if alive when struck by a spark of electricity.