How we might find our own way

My recent article Finding our way (avoiding the avalanche of management prescription) described the fallacy of all the ‘reset’ prescriptions circulating at the moment and how this kind of faddish hype is a distraction from the real development challenges. It seems to have touched a nerve.

A number of clients and new contacts have been in touch (people working on a broad range of challenges, from hybrid workplace, culture and agility to strategy alignment, transformation and digital) and we’ve had some rich discussions about what it means in practice to develop your organisation’s capability for constant exploration, learning and renewal.

Having put together a resource for them, Finding Our Own Way GUIDE, we thought we’d share it more widely in case it’s of use to others. You can download it here:

Finding Our Own Way GUIDE (Acrobat version)

Finding Our Own Way GUIDE (any pdf reader version)

Please feel free to use it and/or share it and/or get in touch to discuss it.