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Open workshop: Evolving leadership development, towards leadership delivery

This next open workshop will explore our work over the last few years on Leadership Delivery, and its integration with Leadership Development. Leaders and internal HR/learning professionals will have the opportunity to hear what we have learned about these practices from working on client programmes and research with Abrdn, Allianz, AO, BAE Systems, Baillie Gifford, […]

The Leadership Gap Open Workshop

When you’re making alterations to your house it’s the work your builders do that matters, not the training they’ve had. How do you rate the quality of leadership in your organisation? A recent study found only 48% of leaders and an even lower 28% of HR people rate their organisation’s leadership quality as high, and […]

Some transformations DO succeed

Much of our work in the last year has been supporting clients to deliver transformation (there’s a lot of it about). Reviewing what’s working around leadership and transformation with organisations as diverse as Aviva, Bayer, Deloitte, HMRC, Marks and Spencer, NatWest and Yorkshire Water, a striking and useful pattern emerges. Those making most progress in transformation […]

The Alchemy of Transformation – Leadership Summit II

We seem accidentally to have headed down a route of metallurgy themes for this series of summits about engaging leaders; last time galvanising, this time alchemy – the turning of base metals into gold! It seems that lots of organisations are in the early stages of what they are describing as ‘transformation’; which literally means […]


Such was the response to this summit when we ran it in June that we’re going to do something we rarely do… run it again. If you’re among those who weren’t available or couldn’t get onto it last time, here’s another chance. You’ll be relieved to know that for this workshop we’re going with the […]

Workshop 15 June – Galvanising leaders (not dancing frogs*)

You’ll be relieved to know that for this workshop we’re going with the figurative ‘excite leaders into action’ definition of ‘galvanise’ and don’t propose either applying an electric current to leaders or coating them in zinc.* Whatever the issue of the day, whether it’s: • becoming purpose-led in practice • ownership and execution of a […]

How we might find our own way

My recent article Finding our way (avoiding the avalanche of management prescription) described the fallacy of all the ‘reset’ prescriptions circulating at the moment and how this kind of faddish hype is a distraction from the real development challenges. It seems to have touched a nerve. A number of clients and new contacts have been in […]