The Alchemy of Transformation – Leadership Summit II

We seem accidentally to have headed down a route of metallurgy themes for this series of summits about engaging leaders; last time galvanising, this time alchemy – the turning of base metals into gold!

Alchemy Image

It seems that lots of organisations are in the early stages of what they are describing as ‘transformation’; which literally means changing from one thing into another thing.

If yours is one of them, whether you’re a business leader, programme manager or internal OD/leadership practitioner, we invite you to join us in improving our collective understanding of this wave of transformation by exploring:

  • What are the similarities and differences in all these transformations: digitalising, increasing agility, modernising, ways of working, re-structuring…?
  • Beneath all the (comforting?) workstream activity, what are the more fundamental leadership, cultural and organisational challenges of transformation (as distinct from ongoing adjustment and change)?
  • What have we learned and are we learning that can help us achieve the greatest success?
  • How can these lessons and models be useful where you are?

Book your place by registering here: The Alchemy of Transformation.

If you’d like to attend this workshop but are unavailable, do email us at to let us know so we can keep you informed of other options and any further dates.

This new summit follows on the popularity and success of our last Galvanising Leaders Summit, in which participants including AO, Bayer, BSI, Deloitte, EcoLab, Marks & Spencer, Morgan, NatWest, Nucleus, Orange, Scottish Power, Standard Life, Sykes and Yorkshire Water explored the most powerful forces that can be employed to encourage leaders in taking up more of their leadership responsibility. It’s not a pre-requisite but, if you missed that and would like to attend the re-run, register here: Galvanising Leaders Summit.