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The perceived weirdness index

The fact that The Perceived Weirdness Index (PWI) is even a thing is a joy to me. Its use in the world of organisation development and change aside, it’s just a gorgeous combination of words. An HR Director client said of one of my esteemed colleagues “anyone who turns up to a pitch dressed like that must […]

Four Rules for Working with Leadership Teams

Our leadership team clients are facing tough decisions right now. Some are reinventing dying industries, some are grappling with outdated culture, technology and structure, most are faced with the challenge of significant strategic transformation within an environment of extreme cost pressure.  We are being asked to support in several ways – to accelerate performance of […]

Why Resistance to Change is Delicious

I have been trying to write a difficult email. Actually it is written but not sent. I have not sent it now three times. Someone is expecting it and keeping my commitments is really important to me, but I still can’t send it. The subject of the email is not really of broad interest but the way it has opened […]

What’s disturbing you?

“Write about what disturbs you, especially if it doesn’t seem to be disturbing anyone else” Skeeter Phelan is told by her publisher in “The Help”. I’m disturbed by Syria, I’m disturbed by water shortage and the growing social divide. I’m disturbed by our decline in mental health. I’m also disturbed by the way grated cheese […]