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We are really pleased to invite you to our workshop:   ‘Beyond Sticky: Making Progress in Leadership Development & OD.’ Thursday, 27 April 2017, 10am to 1pm – in London   Getting leadership development and OD work off the ground can be sticky. The politics of multiple stakeholders and vested interests, unclear decision rights and the plain fact of […]

Every 1,000 employees represent £10,671,730 of potential performance improvement

This link to a paper by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini is worth pursuing, especially if you feel that HR could be showing up more acutely in business performance. In this paper, Gary and Michele have attempted to put a cash figure on the wasted human potential that results in the US. We’ve taken their maths and […]

Too busy to be useful?

“Zeitgeit: the general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place. The world of business has a general belief, ideas and spirit of the moment that is worth questioning very hard indeed. Anyone out there thinking “…nice quiet day, plenty of time and space to reflect, …work leaves plenty of relaxing space in which I […]

The Future of Leadership Development

As the Future of Leadership Development is going to be the topic of sessions we are running at conferences in Brussels and London (links below), we thought we’d give it some ‘air-time’ here. A good starting point is to look at the process by which leadership development itself progresses. And one way of thinking about […]

Women over 55 best to lead transformational change…

Whilst the ‘usual suspects’ of the pale, stale and male suits are busy upholding the status quo of large corporate life, perhaps real innovation and breakthrough is more likely to be led by those who are not invested in the patriarchy. You may think I am sounding like a militant feminist of the 70’s who doesn’t recognise just […]

Trends in Leadership Development: 2015

We are often asked what we are seeing and hearing now about the future of leadership development, as it is the subject of our everyday conversations with clients operating globally in a wide range of sectors. What is happening in the world of leadership development? What is next in leadership development? What is new in […]

Not time wasted…

We all know the feeling of: “…maybe it would be better to stop, take a step back and find some space to think with colleagues about why we are doing what we are doing and whether it makes sense, and whether something else might make better sense?” But if we stop to do that, if […]

Grumpy OD Men

It is hard to know which opinions are a reactionary consequence of ageing and which are just an accurate evaluation of current fads as complete and utter nonsense. And so it was with joy and relief that I happened upon two bits of research in the last few weeks that debunk common and current obsessions […]

Why developing leaders isn’t such a great idea – And why developing leadership is…

Question: What do all the following words have in common? Situational, Authentic, Spiritual, Transactional, Transformational, Action Centered, Adaptive, Rubbish, Servant, Hopeless, What we need here is some bloody….? Answer: See bottom of the page  [1] I blame my parents. I had an upbringing somewhere to the political left of Karl Mark. I don’t remember being taken to […]