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When you need Leadership Delivery, Leadership Development is not the answer

There are a few reasons why organisations seek leadership development, but we’d argue that in a commercial environment the only good reason is to improve sustainable organisational performance.   So all the more shocking to find that there is no robust evidence to support the belief that leadership development programmes result in increased organisation-wide performance. […]

People are dying to work here

We’ve always been in the business not only of trying to help organisations see examples of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but also suggesting what the Emperor could be wearing instead of nothing. The current description of work place stress as an epidemic (Work-related stress jumps by a quarter to reach ‘epidemic’ levels) pinpoints the need […]

Workshop: The complete redefinition of leadership – from the ground up

Bringing insight and creativity to leadership development programmes, leadership-team performance, and large-group events continues to be the core of what we do. Nevertheless, other more revolutionary aspects of our work are gaining momentum with advanced organisations. The majority of organisations are experiencing and describing a shift in how people feel about leadership development and related […]

Free workshop – 5 December: Sustainable shifts in leadership behaviour

Sustainable shifts in leadership behaviour: sorting the facts from the fiction What is leadership and management development if it isn’t an impact on the behaviour of managers and leaders? But how much do we concretely know – supported by evidence – about what actually creates shifts in behaviour in our organisations? And to what degree […]

Too busy to be useful?

“Zeitgeit: the general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place. The world of business has a general belief, ideas and spirit of the moment that is worth questioning very hard indeed. Anyone out there thinking “…nice quiet day, plenty of time and space to reflect, …work leaves plenty of relaxing space in which I […]